Jerusalem Pilgrimage Guidelines
. Applicant must be Christian and must submit Christian community certificate issued from MeeSeva or Baptism Certificate from the Church Heads.
. Tour programme will be from Vijayawada and back to Vijayawada
. Subsidy shall be Rs.40000/- to candidates with annual income below Rs.3.00 Lakhs and Rs.20000/- to candidates with annual income above Rs.3.00 Lakhs.
. Selection shall be done on first come-first served-basis.
. Preference shall be given to Aged Applicants who are physically fit.
. Preference shall be given to couples - wife and husband for pilgrimage so that they support each other during the pilgrimage.
. The Committee constituted by the Government shall have the discretion in selection of the candidates.
. Beneficiary contribution shall be submitted in the form of Demand Draft in favour of the Managing Director, AP State Christian Minorities Finance Corporation payable at Vijayawada.
.        Any person who is found to have furnished false information and concealed the fact of having performed Holy Land tour earlier shall not be allowed to proceed for Holy Land tour to Jerusalem and if found he/she will also be off-loaded even at the Embarkation Point and the entire amount deposited by him/her shall be forfeited. The Pilgrimage to Holy Land of Jerusalem of such applicants can be cancelled upon detection at any stage of Application processing and movement. Besides, he / she shall be prosecuted for making such incorrect / false declaration.

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